How I started….

Writing has always been my passion, I use to have a diary since I was young. Having a diary of my daily life has been my routine during my younger years. I am not too good in writing but I find my ways how to document my life and my story.

I use to dream of writing a book, not a fiction book but my own book and my life experiences, not just for memories but somehow thinking that I maybe able to encourage and uplift one of my readers.

Why I started a blog? Well I am not too sure if that was the best question or rather, What convinced me to start a blog. I was blessed to have a flexible job during Covid-19 Pandemic season, my freelance career lead me back to Marketing Industry, but this time on the different level, Digital Marketing. Being an internet savvy I spent most of my time online. I take advantage of all the resources on the internet to learn and upgrade my skills in the area of Digital Marketing. Thanks to my Boss who also sponsored all the resources for me to learn and develop my Marketing skills. This Pandemic season gave me a lot of opportunity to start this blog, my passion in reading and writing came back to life. I may not be a good nor an expert writer but my goal to deliver my story will be my inspiration to carry on with this blog.

How I Started….

Way back 2015 I created my first blog post in WordPress. Having no idea how to start blogging I just simply wanted to document my Family life. My first blog was not even published at all, then I stopped. Until Covid-19 strikes the whole world. It was then when I was more familiar and able to upgrade my skills in Digital Marketing and took a refresher course in WordPress in Shaw Academy. I am not an expert when it comes to Web Design nor WordPress but because of my determination and perseverance I made a decision to continue what I have started. All the resources on the internet was a big help for me to be able to start this blog.

I have so much ideas on my mind but I wanted to start on compiling our Family travels which has been long overdue. I have been planning to do this long time ago but because of my busy schedule, I am not able to do it until Covid-19 gave me so much time to start doing it. Organizing our Family Travel photos is such a fulfillment for me, remembering those Family Travels we had in the past is one of the memories we will treasure for a lifetime.

This blog is mostly about motherhood, lifestyle, pets and life experiences I can share with my readers.

13 thoughts on “How I started….

  1. I’ve always enjoyed writing as well. But I would never have guessed that I would be writing internet articles! Can’t wait to see what you put out next!


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