Distance Learning

It’s been awhile since my last blog, I haven’t done my blog topics yet due to busy schedule. Over the weekends I had a good rest and was able to find time and sit down for this blog. I am new to blogging but I am very excited every time I write each of my blogs, I am not a writer nor a professional blogger, I am new to this but allow me to share my experiences as a Digital Marketer mom, for me to look back something in the future while sitting on a rocking chair with my spectacles.

2 weeks passed since the kids started their Distance Learning, It has been a busy week while working and assisting my kids on their Online studies. With some adjustments here and there and a two hour overlapping schedule of my two boys, so far we are starting to get used to it.

It was an advantage having a techy husband and being a Digital Marketer mom, it helps us cope with the new norm, Keon (my youngest) took the entrance space of the house to be his study area where our main Desktop is located, look at how relax he is using that big Swivel chair from my previous office.

Kenji (my second) and I took the living room space which is spacious enough to accommodate both of us while working and studying. We started occupying our wooden center table but later on realise not a good posture for both of us, we don’t want to set up another study area as we have a small space in the house. I want something we can fold or keep when not in use to save the space in the house, I browse some in Lazada and saw this table which is a perfect fit for our sala set.

Look at how happy he is on his new space.
Keicia (My eldest) on the other hand who needs more privacy to focus on her lessons stayed on her room with her laptop while studying.

The new set-up of studying online is a big adjustment for them, they also missed their classmates and teachers and will sometimes hear from them that they missed going to school. Assurance that when everything is over and safe to go back to school they will see their classmates again.

On the other hand, they are enjoying some applications they have never used before, Kenji is exploring to make some Canva animations and I’m quite amazed by his artistic presentations, see this video of his animation, while Keon was able to read more books using their online Library Platform. Keicia is also starting to explore more on how to use canva and some research on her lessons and having a video call with her classmates regarding their lessons.

Screen time is a major challenge during this season, after their Online lessons, they still have to stay in their laptop for some assignments and activities online, having some intervals is really important to have some eye rest and not to compromise their vision. ME on the other hand is being able to apply my multi-tasking skills, while working online as well, I make sure that half of my ears is with their lessons so I can further assist them after my work. It was also funny but during the sessions I can hear myself shouting Good Job! Every time I hear their names being called for answering during their activities so it will help boost their confidence that they are doing a great job.

Training them with some online organization is a big help as well, for them to cope and not to be overwhelmed every time they view their tasks online. I started to train them how to organise their emails and how to check their Due dates so they will get used to it and to help them as well no to missed some tasks and to make them more independent. We are not sure how long this Distance Learning will took place but we as parents need to play a big part by support and guidance we need to give to our children.

8 thoughts on “Distance Learning

  1. Looks like you have a really nice set up at home for work & learning. You’re right, as parents, we do play a big role in supporting and showing an example to our kids, especially during these trying times!

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